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The Green Forum 01.03.2004

CCB Newsletter,

Green Forum (Estonian Green Movement-FoE AGM) and the Annual Meeting of EGM werer taking place in Keila, 13/02/2004.

Four topics were chosen for Green Forum in order to discuss problems with some of the most urgent environmental issues.

In forestry sector the situation in state-owned forests is quite good. All state-owned forests have been certified with FSC certificate and are managed sustainably. Management of private forests is less controlled, the volume of timber felling is too big and violation of tax laws is common practice.

There is increasing pressure for real estate developments in Estonian natural coastal areas, islands and beautiful landscapes. Therefore the Forum discussed ways how to protect natural values during spatial planning processes. Involvement of local population and NGOs was in center of discussion.

Estonian Green Movement-FoE also released its analysis on the implementation of environmental policy of the current government. During first 10 months in office it has fulfilled only some 1/3 of its environmental promises for this period. Environmental statements of the coalition agreement are lacking vision and ambition as it mostly consists of activities anyway foreseen by agreements with the EU.

ERL is acting as coordinator for Estonian sustainable consumption coalition and during the Forum the activities of the coalition partners were reported. Promotion of ecolabelling, energy saving and general awareness raising were some of the measures taken in 2003.